Kochari, A., & Schriefers, H. (in preparation). Vague adjectives are processed using the generalized magnitude representation system: parallel effects with numbers and adjective meaning in a size congruity task.

Kochari, A., & Flecken, M. (submitted). Lexical prediction in language comprehension: a replication study of grammatical gender effects in Dutch. [preprint] [data and analyses]

van Rooij, R., & Kochari, A. (in press). Grounding a pragmatic theory of vagueness on experimental data: Semi-orders and Weber’s Law.

Conference proceedings:

Talmina, N., Kochari A., & Szymanik, J. (2017) Quantifiers and verification strategies: connecting the dots. Proceedings of the 21st Amsterdam Colloquium. [pdf]

Poster presentations:

Poster presented at ESCoP 2017: Size congruity effect extends to vague adjectives: interaction of generalized magnitude representation and language.

Poster presented at CUNY 2017: When adjectives are like numbers: vague adjectives are processed by the magnitude representation system. [pdf]


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